Are Certified Or Official Translation Name Of The Same Services?

Every translation service provider offers different services in every country. Like in Thailand, they provide business, academics, and a Certified Translation Service in Bangkok.

Many translation companies have their own ways to name service. Like many people think that certified translation and official translation are different, but they both are the name of the same translation service.

Certified translation is also known as an official translation. Because in certified translation, official documents are translated, such as birth certificate, that has been accredited as correct and can be sent to a wide range of official authorities. There is a very minor difference in both of them.

Official v/s Certified Translation:

Official translation usually means a licensed skilled interpreter or translating firm will need to complete the translation. When an official translation is desired, the translator or translation department must write and imprint their qualifications on the translation.

Registered translators are also doing a step up from official translation, professional copy, but the reading is then certified. It implies that the translations are bundled in a box, marked like an official translation, but with the inclusion of a letter of approval.

Qualified traduction meets official translation requirements. For this purpose, several qualified translation companies offer only certified translation.

Who Can Certify The Translation?

For the certified translation, a translator need not be qualified. An individual can also provide the certified translation as same as a translator of a translation company. A translator may also approve someone else’s translation as long as the translator has thoroughly reviewed the translation for consistency, even completeness, and after approval, the translation will not be modified. That is why translation firms should approve translations this their staff or professional translators have received. The approval statement will specify whether the document has been approved or checked by the notary.