Businesses That Have Thrived Through The Pandemic

With the vaccination programme in full swing now across the globe, we are now finally starting to see light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the global pandemic caused by Covid-19. It’s been a rather difficult year for the majority of us, as we have struggled to get through the pandemic personally and financially, but there has been some businesses and industries that have actually benefited from the pandemic period and below we look at some of these and why.

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Online e-commerce has been one of the main beneficiaries of the pandemic as they have been able to offer a retail experience for consumers to be able to access from the comfort of their own homes during this pandemic. During the height of the pandemic when public worry regarding transmitting the virus to someone of a high-risk category were high, many consumers used online shopping alternatives for all their essentials rather than travelling to land-based stores which had a lot of public worry to start with. One of the biggest winners within this industry has been Amazon who have been a one-stop shop for everything consumers have needed. 

Another industry that has also been able to benefit during the pandemic has been that of online entertainment services like streaming sites like Netflix, gaming services like PlayStation and online gambling service in which you can find some here. Online entertainment has prospered during this period as it’s been one of the only ways in which consumers have been able to keep themselves entertained due to their usually hobbies being restricted to combat the spread of the virus. These online casinos in particular have benefitted due to their wide variety of games to play from, promotional deals and sign-up offers for all new customers, and the guarantee that your casino fun won’t be limited by gamstop. 

And finally, the last industry that has benefitted during this period has been that of personal protection equipment other equipment that has helped us through the pandemic. Masks have become essential through the pandemic and so the sales of masks have gone through the roof during this period. Pre-pandemic, the use of this kind of protection was virtually only needed within healthcare but now with it being needed for the general public, this industry has benefitted form this. Even with us coming to end of this pandemic, the use of masks and personal protection equipment is still going to be important for us moving forward so this business is due to continue to thrive. 

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