Donate to Israeli Charities to Ensure a Bright, Secure, and Prosperous Future

When it comes to supporting Israeli charities, do you find it difficult to know where to start? There is a severe food shortage in Israel, and thousands of families need assistance. Food is an essential human need. Children require nutrition to grow up healthy. Well-fed children are therefore able to learn and develop more rapidly, enabling them to contribute more fully to society.

Israel’s Meir Panim charity works to protect Israelis from malnutrition and poverty. Israel’s poorest and most hungry people have been supported by Meir Panim for nearly twenty years. We encourage you to donate to Israeli charities.

Why Are Israeli Charities Valuable?

A severe food and money shortage has plagued daily wagers as a result of the battle with COVID-19. With lockdown and containment in place, food distribution has been hampered, putting food security at risk for already vulnerable populations.

In Israel, 26% of families were already poor, and about 20% struggled to feed their families three times a day before the Coronavirus outbreak. The Covid-10 fiasco caused this ratio to rise from 20% to 29% due to unemployment and closures of plants. Due to these circumstances, our people today require more assistance than they did in years past.

Would you like to take part in this humanitarian mission? You can assist Israel’s poor and needy citizens by evaluating these factors. Your contribution to Meir Panim will be put to good use for those in greatest need.

Donate today to Israel and be a part of this humanitarian effort.