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Facebook Fcom

How do you open a Facebook account?

A list of accounts will appear with the same name. Now, select your account and then continue.An OTP will be sent to confirm your identity. Enter the six-digit OTP. Verify it with Facebook by selecting continue.Type in the new password.Click on the Continue option.And, that’s it. Now you are able to open your Facebook account.

How do you download Facebook?

Tap the App Store app icon, which resembles a white "A" on a light-blue background.It's a tab in the bottom-right corner of the App Store screen.Tap the "App Store" text box. This is at the top of the screen. Your iPhone's on-screen keyboard will appear.Search for Facebook. Type in facebook, then tap Search in the bottom-right corner of the keyboard.It's to the right of the Facebook logo.Enter your Touch ID or Apple ID password when prompted. Either scan your Touch ID fingerprint or type in your Apple ID password to prompt Facebook to begin installing.

How can I log into my Facebook account?

Click Facebook icon on your screenFill in the login information such as email address or usernameEnter the right password and click Log In icon

How to sign up Facebook?

Method 1 Method 1 of 2: Signing Up Download ArticleCreate an e-mail address. Use your favorite web browser and head to an e-mail provider (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) and create an e-mail address from there.Head to the Facebook homepage. On the URL bar, or address bar, of your web browser, type Facebook.com and hit enter.Sign up for Facebook. ...Confirm your registration. ...

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