How to Succeed the Design and the Layout of a CV?

To be effective, your CV must be clear, concise and pleasant to see. Its design and layout are not everything, but they can help the recruiter to get a handle on you in a few seconds. The rules applying to the content have remained almost the same over the decades. But the visual requirement has risen steeply. At a time when social networks, mobile apps and graphic tools are highly popular, our eyes get used to the clean lines and the small colored pictograms. Think about attracting the headhunter with it by using the following tips.

Take the Business Line into Account when Choosing a CV Template

You have to put some care in the visual of you curriculum vitae. But before you start hunting the most beautiful CV template on the internet, start thinking about the style you want to give to your job application. First, take the business line you are targeting into account. Bank, insurance or finance sector? Stay sober and play with clarity and seriousness. Also use classic and elegant colors like black and dark blue.

For a position that requires dynamism like sales management, you can be a little more audacious. Indeed, you can use a more explosive color such as orange or turquoise blue at low dose. Add background color under your photo or profile, a layout in two columns to showcase your skills without forgetting to be synthetic and very clear. The form of your CV must fully reflect the substance of your application and, if possible, your personality.

Use New Graphic Creation Tools to Create a Catchy CV

If resumes have an increasingly attractive visual, it is because every job seeker can now download a CV template in one click. They just have to place their text, their photo and possibly vary the font, margins, layout, etc. If you like the CV model, it is better to keep the proposed fonts. Several websites like offer free templates with very nice design.

Of course, there are also paid offers, which for less than $6 per month offers you a choice of eight models in 4 possible colors. You just have to fill in the CV sections online, choose the right template, color, and download the result in one click. The advantage is that you can download as many models as you want. It means that you can redo your resume for each application without spending too much time on it.