Using Call Recording to Improve Customer Service

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1 – Note Taking

Taking notes while the customer is speaking on the phone is not a pragmatic approach. But knowing the call has been recorded can help ease off the pressure since the call is played back and heard all over again, then relevant notes stored in a created client file. Call recording using VoIP enables note taking a call and allows the customer service staff to get freed up and can prove to be a useful asset when handling difficult callers. From the customer’s perspective, it means they can call again at a later date, and whomever they talk to will have a full account of what the issue last time was, meaning they won’t have to go through explaining all over again.

2 – Clear up Disputes and Complaints

If a client claim that your company promised to do something for them or a representative was unclear or provided misleading information on the phone, the call records can help in clearing up the issue immediately. With proof and facts at hand, you will be aware of what went on exactly, which will help you make an informed decision on how best to handle the scenario, where to give in to the client demands or calmly and politely explain their mistake.

3 – Insights into Customer Behaviour

The number of recorded call hours retained in your business can assist your staff to get a better understanding of their clients, sympathise with their issues, and assist in solving their problems. The recordings can be used to create a picture of the various client personas.

4 – Continuous Improvement of Staff Skills

The reputation of your customer service can prove to be the difference between the success and failure of your business. Some brands are well-known for their great customer service, which becomes a focal selling point for your business. If you want to rank among them, make sure to utilise your customer call records training tool.

5 – Better Quality Control

No managing supervisor can listen to varying calls at once. Call recording is integral since it helps managers monitor standards and conduct quality control assessments. It can help the supervisor listen in on a live call, then check up on another call when that one is finished.

6 – Checking Your Facts

During a call, it’s easy to mishear, misunderstand, or completely miss an essential piece of information given by a customer. Their cell signal may make it challenging to understand what they are saying, or may be there’s a loud noise in the office background that eclipses part of the sentence. The potential gaps may result in an incomplete call recording in the customer file.

7 – Improve Your Customer Service System

Listening through a catalogue of recorded calls can help in flagging potential issues with your existing procedures and systems. If any issues occur regularly, like clients being referred to the wrong person because of a mix-up in the pre-recorded call menu, for instance, then your records can assist you in spotting the problem and fixing it. It’s just about being proactive.

8 – Keep to the Letter of the Law

The calls with clients may need to follow some regulatory standards – for instance, if you are working in the financial services industry. In such cases, you are legally mandated to record and backup customer calls.

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