Why Remote Work Is Good for Business

How Are Remote Workers Good for Business | Elements(Image from elementsgs.com)

For many of us, the change to remote working options has already happened and certainly seems to be something that could stick around in a more permanent fashion too, but there are many businesses or even individuals that are still on the fence about the change. There are some remote jobs that are certainly more suited for individuals too whereas others that are much more fixed in the office, but with recent productivity figures suggesting the past year has been incredible successful it may lead many others to follow – but what makes remote working so good for business, and is it something here to stay?

A positive environmental impact is important – One thing that has become particularly important over the past year is investigating how much of an impact the pandemic has had on the environment with many positive signs in the short term, but this shift toward remote working could be bolstered by the longer-term environmental impact the change will have. Taking cars off the roads and removing the daily commute are just a small part of why many giving the change big praise but reducing the environmental impact with less reliance on paper, lowered use of bigger office air conditioning systems, and many of the other factors that have been targeted towards the office space and their environmental impact over the years.

A better work-life balance – The digital era for many has had a negative impact on the work-life balance, 24/7 access to emails and calls leave many feelings like they never truly leave work and are instead always expected to be available. Whilst there had been considerations that remote working would make this much worse; many remote workers instead report that they’re able to better detach themselves from work when they finish for the day at home as it becomes much clearer that a divide between the two is needed – the flexibility of remote working is key to this too with many being able to choose when they start and when they finish working, being able to fit their working schedule around their own day-to-day, rather than the other way around.

A big potential savings, for both individuals and business – Another big factor to be considered is within the potential for money savings for making the change – less reliance on a vehicle or public transport for the daily commute, a professional wardrobe, or eating lunches from take out in office cafeterias are all to be considered for the individual. For business, being able to scale back on the office space required, and all of the office stationary required on the day to day too – it may allow many businesses to invest more into the employees and into the business with the potential savings that could be found, and for many is being heralded as a big reason to advocate for change, even without many of the other benefits that could make this list.