Best Remote Business Ideas for 2022

As the year that has continued to champion the remote working ethos as more flexibility is provided and location independent businesses are thriving, many individuals are looking for something new to try to whilst taking advantage of this change – digital nomads have long been gathering resources on the best options out there, so which are the best remote business ideas for location independence or simply just remote working currently, and what are the skills needed to succeed in these positions?

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Freelance Writing – A forever favourite of the digital nomad, freelance writing can cover any number of topics from something more akin to a fully-fledged freelance journalist to an individual who writes blog entries for different purposes – no qualifications are needed and just the creativity to write well for any number of topics. With the growth of online content, freelance writing is of ten more in demand than many think and getting just a few options under the belt can give a very healthy workflow too – for those looking to get started, a personal blog is a great way to show writing style to others and can also help to hone writing skills. 

Social Media Manager – Another of the long-standing digital nomad professions has been within social media management – social media for business has changed over the past decade and is now much more about the ability to show an online personality and presence, and this is where the experience from the travelling worker really shines as they’re able to bring a fresh take on social media posts on a regular basis. It is a saturated market so harder for individuals to get into, but if successful some nomads are able to manage multiple social media accounts and have find a fantastic lifestyle by doing so. 

Freelance coding & design – Both of these businesses fall under the same umbrella, but also something that has been seeing an increasing independent movement too – unlike the first two entries, having a great portfolio or coding knowledge is often the pre-cursor to getting hired into these positions so there are some more definitive skills needed, but both can be very lucrative whilst also exploring a whole host of online platforms that seek these jobs as very much in demand. By freelancing, hours and projects can be chosen at will, and certainly seems to be one of the most thriving remote working professions currently. 

These are just a few of the ever-growing options being found and can change on a case by case basis whether individuals are looking to settle down or stay on the move – there’s no better time to go remote and explore this growing business space.