Can I Travel To Bhutan On My Own

Want to create new memories with your favourite people or spend some quality time with your close ones. What is better than travelling to some beautiful place and creating some amazing memories. It will be even more remarkable if you are in the lap of nature and the land of happiness. Think how good your vacations can be in a place which is called the land of happiness. 

Yes, we are talking about Bhutan. It is just the official name of the country. This place has many names given by its local people. It is named Durk Yul and the land of thunder dragons. 

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Reasons for visiting Bhutan once in a lifetime:

Bhutan is a country with rich culture and one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is a country of culture and heritage. See some more reasons that will convince you to visit Bhutan.

  1. Bhutan’s climate and weather:  Bhutan is the world’s first carbon-negative country. It means it serves a pollution-free environment. It gives tourists a pleasant climate and a wide range of natural beauty to explore.
  • Festivals in Bhutan:  Because of the rich culture, festivals in Bhutan are celebrated lavishly. One of the famous festivals of Bhutan is Tshechu; it is an annualfestivalcelebrated in all regions of Bhutan with great zeal. It is a kind of annual gathering where people gather to see the famous religious dance form called mask dance. This dance is performed by monks.
  • Place of great happiness:  It is the name given to a place called Pungtang Dechen Phodrang Dzong in its language. This name means the place of great joy. It is among the holy places for the local people of Bhutan.
  • For mountain trekking:  Mountains in Bhutan serve as great pleasure for adventure-loving people. Trekking in Bhutan’s mountains throws some amazing physical challenges to trekkers. It will be a great experience to visit these mountains.
  • Bhutan’s unique art and craft:  Traditional and religious art of Bhutan is a way of life for the locals. Indeed, the people of Bhutan are the reason that its traditional art forms are alive.   
  • Food in Bhutan:  Bhutan has rich vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. The uniqueness of Bhutanese cuisine is chilly. It uses chilly as the main vegetable rather than a seasoning or spice.
  • Spiritual Bhutan:  Bhutan is the place where people believe in spirituality. Infect it is a way of life for the locals. Bhutan’s main religion is Buddhism, but it is more than that. It is deep in their heart and soul. 

Tour packages for Bhutan:

For a betterBhutan tour experienceone must consider specific tour packages to enjoy the visit to Bhutan completely. Different travel packages will give you a distinct pleasure. Some categories of travel packages are given below:

  • Cultural travel packages: This lets you explore the whole culture of Bhutan.
  • Festive travel packages:  Allow one to enjoy the local festivals of Bhutan.
  • Adventure travel packages:  This is for exploring the adventure places of Bhutan.
  • Luxury travel packages: Provides you with the best luxury hotels in Bhutan.
  • Trekking travel package:  Best for mountain trekkers.
  • Expert travel package: Gives you the best of Bhutan.

Travelling made secure with travel insurance:

Whenever you travel abroad, it is good to get travel insurance. It ensures that you remain protected during the trip. Now the question is, what travel insurance should I get?

The answer is based on how you are travelling. So basic travel insurance has the following categories:

  • What number of people are travelling for the trip.
  • Travelling frequency of the tour.
  • Where are you going and;
  • Special case for travelling  


Bhutan is a great place to visit. Despite being in an era of technology, it has preserved its heart and soul.