How Playing Rummy Can be Your Perfect Summer Hobby?

 “Summer after all, is a time when wonderful things can happen to quiet people” – Deb Caletti

It’s spring time, and warm summers are just around the corner. Summer time means longer days and some additional time on our hands. We can effectively use this time to improve ourselves and become better at our skills. Developing a hobby is the best utilization of this spare leisure time. It can be anything you enjoy doing in your leisure time, whether it is reading, playing a sport/instrument, collecting artefacts, or playing games. The main objective is to make the extra time more productive. If you have not developed a taste for any of the commonly taken-up hobbies, or re looking to develop some new taste, then playing the Indian rummy card game can be an ideal choice for you.

Rummy lovers would definitely agree with the fact that it is one’s skills and their effective application that makes them a good player. And playing the game regularly has helped many people polish their skills and also develop some new ones. Let’s take a glance at the reasons that make playing rummy an ideal choice for a summer hobby.

  1. Ignites Creativity

A summer hobby is meant to keep your brain active and refreshed and ignite the creative genius inside you. Learning something new helps your brain form new connections that can further help improve your intelligence and creativity. Rummy is one game that helps exercise both the left-brain and right-brain cells equally, thus keeping your brain active and refreshed at all times. It not only helps you learn skills required for the new game, but you’ll be able to view things around you with a different perspective, thereby opening up better learning opportunities for yourself.

  1. It Challenges You

When you start a new hobby, it challenges your mind and body into learning something new and subsequently adopting a new habit. The best learning happens only when you overcome challenges, and playing online rummy definitely helps in this case. Rummy involves use of several skills and strategies, while moulding oneself according to different situations, thus enabling the player to reach out across their limits and increase their potential. Adopting it as your summer hobby can help you improve in personal life as well.

  1. Energizes the Player

When you are challenged by something, it helps in boosting up your energy levels, at the same time eradicating boredom, monotony and stress from your life. Rummy is renowned as a good stress buster, and its online availability can help you play the game whenever your brain needs some good boost. It also helps you become a more lively person, especially when you socialise much more and share your newly learnt skills with others.

  1. Instils Patience and Perseverance

Learning a new skill requires patience and perseverance, which often people lack these days. But in todays highly competitive world, it is very important to thoroughly learn new skills and polish older ones, time and time again. Developing these two traits can be quite helpful in the long run. Since becoming a pro in rummy requires considerable amounts of practice, hence it is the perfect game that can teach you patience and perseverance at the same time.

  1. Good for Developing Confidence

Gaining thorough knowledge in any particular subject allows you to explore it in even more detail, thus slowly and steadily building up your confidence about that particular subject. Your self-esteem is especially developed when there is a reward associated at the end of the learning curve. And plying online rummy, fits both these requirements. By playing the game, you not only gain knowledge about some essential skills, but the amazing rewards in the forms of bonuses or real cash upon winning in rummy also helps take your confidence several notches higher.



Rummy is an interesting and engaging card game, and if played with the right intentions, can help you improve a lot in life. Just like any other skill, playing online rummy too can prove to be the perfect summer hobby. It not only helps hone your skills, and instil some new habits, but is highly rewarding in terms of financial aspects too. You can also read about the different skills a player learns by playing rummy at some of the popular online rummy blogs if you want to know more. But remember, you must play responsibly, to not only enjoy the game for a long run, but also to keep its thrill and excitement alive.

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