Reasons Why Your Business Needs An 0800 Freephone Contact Number

Are you searching for ways to grow your business? Perhaps you’re busy setting up a new business and want to ensure you do everything possible to give your operation a head start. Without a doubt, the most effective way to extend your reach is to have a excellent marketing strategy and consistently provide exceptional service. However, there are some initial steps you might want to take that are deceptively simple, yet extremely effective. For example, have you thought about obtaining an 0800 business contact number?

Of course, it is possible to get numbers which are simply non-geographic and have standard line rate, such as 0333 numbers, however, 0800 prefixes, although they are also non-geographic, they have the benefit of being free to phone!

A surprising number of businesses don’t realise the power of having an 0800 number. But why are numbers with 0800 prefixes so valuable? It’s time to consider some of the core benefits of them.

1 – Gives Your Business An Instant Professional Appearance

An 0800 number is a gift for those looking for a short-cut to establishing a professional image. Think about it for a second: when’s the last time you saw a large company not using 0800 contact numbers? Unlike mobile numbers and local numbers, a contact number with an 0800 prefix lets consumers know you are a serious business. Before parting with any of their hard-earned cash or sacrificing their valuable time, customers need to have a considerable amount of confidence in an organization. As a result, creating a professional first impression is essential. It all boils down to basic consumer psychology!

2 – Provides Your Business With A Memorable Number

Let’s not sugarcoat it – national and local numbers are far from easy to remember. And, mobile numbers are even less memorable. Only a small percentage of the population would be able to recall an unassociated random string of digits. Meanwhile, a custom number with a 0800 prefix is more likely to stick in the memory banks.

0800 number services enable your business to create contact numbers customized to your operation. While the exact number your want is not guaranteed to be available, any custom number is likely to serve your business better than a local, national or mobile number. Your customers will find the number easier to recall when they want to contact your firm. A customized number really is an effective way to gain an advantage over your competitors, especially if your competition still has contact numbers that are hard to remember.

3 – Allows Customers To Call Your Business Free Of Charge

A freephone number is certain to be very appealing to customers. When waiting in a call queue, nobody wants to be thinking about how much the call is costing them as each minute passes. By purchasing an 0800 number service for your business, customers, clients, potential customers, suppliers and investors will be able to contact you free of charge. The fact that those calling you know that your business is footing the bill will instantly cause them to see your business in a better light — even if they’re only calling you to make a complaint. Again, it all goes back to customer psychology 101. In comparison to businesses that have a national rate line, business with 0800 freephone numbers are significantly more likely to see an increase in interest and revenue.

How Can My Business Get An 0800 Number?

It’s much easier than many people think. To be frank, it’s advisable to contact our team today to claim an unique freephone number for your business. If you wait too long, the number you want could become unavailable, as companies are reserving numbers with 0800 prefixes all the time.

Our team is here to help all small and medium-sized businesses to increase their appeal to customers in the fastest ways. Increasing your appeal to customers begins with having the right type of phone number. So, why risk losing sales by holding onto an unmemorable, expensive mobile number? We have a range of packages for you to check out, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!