Kinds Of Screw Heads

Since screws are driven right into timber as well as other materials, the verbs “drive,” as well as “screw” are synergistic when it comes to bolts. Driving a screw means applying the twisting pressure needed to insert the screw. The devices utilized to put the screws are called chauffeurs, as well as include screwdrivers, drill/drivers, as well as effect vehicle drivers. Many have magnetic suggestions to help hold the screw in position during insertion. Drive type suggests the design of the driver that is finest suited for placing a particular sort of screw.

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When searching for a bolt for your job, keep in mind that you’ll require to work with the screw head design to the right chauffeur bit. Thankfully, drill little bit sets come with several little bits, which fit basically every basic screw head size, as well as style arrangement. Other typical screw drive types include:

  • Slotted: This common type features a straight line with the center of the screw head, as well as it’s regularly utilized with hand-operated screwdrivers.
  • Hex: Named for its six-sided shape, hex screws can have a couple of head types: an exterior hex head that calls for a wrench, or outlet to drive, or an inner hex head that needs an Allen wrench.
  • Torx: Likewise called “celebrity” heads, Torx screws have an internal celebrity form that calls for the use of a coordinating Torx vehicle driver or drive bit.
  • Square: Including an interior cube shape, a square screw drive resists removing the head, and calls for a square bit, or vehicle driver of the same size.
  • Quadrex: Not as typical as the various other types, a quadrex screw drive is a mix of both a Phillips and a square drive. It can be inserted with either a committed quadrex chauffeur or with a square or Phillip’s driver or a bit of the same size.