Chemical Industry Tries to Undermine Grassroots Movement Against Bisphenol A

While grassroots movements against endocrine-disrupting chemicals like BPA warm up, so the American Chemical Industry’s tries to undermine individuals efforts.

A week ago held some exciting action with supporters of chemical reform reporting in across the nation. The Safer Chemical Coalition chronicled the happenings with much excitement:

* U.S. Senate held proceedings on Thursday Feb 4 to discover what scientists learn about how chemicals are affecting human health. Throughout the hearing, witnesses in the Ecological Protection Agency (Environmental protection agency) and Cdc and Prevention (CDC) known as for reform, to supply greater protection to families and kids.

* New information was printed showing that: common flame retardants can lower sperm counts, lead plays a role in Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and human placenta cells die after contact with BPA.

* New mother Molly Grey told Congress how, like a participant inside a recent bio-monitoring study, she was shocked to locate high amounts of industrial chemicals in her own body. See Molly’s blog on her behalf experience here.

* The Training and Developmental Disabilities Initiative (LDDI) printed their thought-provoking new report known as Mind, Disrupted. The report explores the issue: Can toxic chemicals change the way we think and who we


* Healthy Child, Healthy World launched their “Wake-Up Story” video – a effective and entertaining ‘story’ designed to jostle worried parents into following through to safeguard their own families from toxic chemicals. Take a look and send it for your buddies who aren’t yet burning about toxic chemicals-this is an entertaining, easy-to-follow introduction to the point (you can view this unique video great bar).

The Safer Chemical Coalition ended their hope-filled update having a warning, “As the possibilities of a powerful bill gets to be more possible, we predict caffeine industry to produce a significant offensive campaign.”

Plus they could not make a much better conjecture.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel rang the bell for round among the counter-offensive yesterday. They uncovered information regarding the American Chemical Industry’s proper lobbying effort, then the Environmental protection agency went oddly silent and never surprisingly, federal regulators delayed action on including BPA inside a new effort to higher regulate harmful chemicals.

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