Detailed About Fees And Commissions Of Webull Platform

Webull is a mobile and web-based brokerage that provides free stock trading. The platform claims itself as a free platform where you pay nil fees for stock trading, maintenance and for using the software platform. The company was started in 2017 as a research platform that is still one of its major value propositions. Nysearca uvxy at has made it really easy to study on various US-based stocks. It gives news streams with access to press releases, analyst recommendations, historical EPS and income information along with key statistics, insider holdings and transactions. As a customer, you can use four different pages to conduct your personal research markets, individual stock pages, news, and a screener’s page. 

WebullPlatform Features 

Webull application is full of features directed to provide to intermediate and experienced active traders. You can open a regular trading account with no minimum deposit. Besides this, most of the features that other brokerages charge for are free on Webull. These include:

  • Real-time market data
  • Technical indicators like Bollinger bands, money flow index, RSI, exponential moving averages, and MACD
  • Investment research tools such as press releases, historical EPS, stock screeners, news, analyst recommendations, and financial calendars. 

Fees And Commissions Of Webull

While the Webull trading platform is charge-free, you may still have to pay some charges relating to SEC and FINRA payments. There are also margin charges which sort from 3.99% to 6.99%. Margin trading accounts also need and charges no fees. Thesubscription fees vary from several packages and are charged by a third party. Only if you trade on margin and short trade with 4x day trade purchasing power and 2x overnight buying power, you need to pay the interests for the cash you borrowed from Webull. In this case, your margin account should have a net account value of $2000 or more to use margin.

On the other hand, the transfer to bank charges is also levied during the same. Wire transfers cost $25 for domestic and $45 for universal trading. Like Robinhood, Webull provides monthly subscription plans but with a twist. Dislike Robinhood, most of the services on Webull are offered for free and then offering plans only contain access to advanced quotes.While uvxy stock newsor Nyse hpe news at give level 1 quotes for free to any funded account, you have to subscribe to the premium plants for extra level 1 and level 2 quotes. These premium advanced quotes include national level 1, London stock exchange level 1, nasdaq basic, HongKong stock exchange level 2, etc.