Learn The 6 Primary Advantages Of VOIP Telephone Systems

VoIP Phone Systems Save You Money - RHYNO Networks

These advantages typically emphasise increased productivity, improved time-management, and cost reductions.

1) Every Call Costs Less:

VoIP phone systems use what it is known as IP or Internet Protocol for making calls. This means that all of the communication data gets converted into packets and transmitted over an IP network rather than conventional telephone lines. Your company’s IP network might be a direct IP connection with your specific telephone service provider, a general Internet connection, or even some combination of the two. Calls that take place through conventional phone lines mean that the two callers communicating are taking up that line. Conventional phone lines are physical lines, and only so many of them are installed at one time. That results in landline calls costing more money, particularly if the calls are long-distance in nature. On the other hand, when the Internet is used for relaying the call data, this issue is circumvented, which means that both local and long-distance calls are generally cheaper.

2) Efficient Interactions With Clients:

Even if you travel abroad, using a VoIP service means you can still conduct crucial calls and forward important documents. In fact, a VoIP phone system means that you get to pick not only where your calls will ring but even how. For example, you might choose the first several rings to get forwarded right to your office, but if you don’t answer the call there, then it can get transmitted to second or even third devices. This means that urgent calls are always answered since they would get routed to your mobile phone or even your laptop.

3) VoIP Services Mean Mobility:

If your company is one always on the go, then VoIP services can be very beneficial since they go places with you. A conventional phone system has a hard-line running into a business or home with an assigned phone number. VoIP gives you the freedom to move about as your business needs without having to remember any new dialing codes for your phone.

4) A Plethora Of Features:

Using a VoIP phone system means you can do many different things using modern technology, which seriously enhances your productivity. For instance, anytime you are waiting, you can plot out how you are going to handle client calls that you missed by having voicemails transcripted into text that get emailed to you. If you get a crucial message in any voicemail, then you can forward that message to multiple people with just the press of a button.

5) Simplicity In Conference Calls:

On top of all the benefits already mentioned, it’s much simpler to create and participate in conference calls. This is because the calls use converged data networks over dedicated phone lines. Your business can do conference calls with conventional phone systems, but this is often an extra service. The majority of VoIP phone systems offer such services as part of their standard packages.

6) Better Reliability:

A frequent concern about VoIP is that when the Internet is offline, so too is your capacity to make calls. Having said that, call-forwarding and many other VoIP phone system features are very flexible. You can choose where you have calls forward to, which means acts of God don’t have as much power to curb your productivity. If no one can answer the office phone, your laptop or mobile phone still can.